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Alla Esther Levy, EIS, REV

Alla Esther Levy, EIS, REVAlla Esther Levy, EIS, REV – is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist, Certified Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Interfaith Reverend with more than 25 years of experience in Leadership Development, Spirituality and Health and Wellness, previous president of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Ft. Lauderdale, Speaker, Writer, and Author. Founder of the EiEQ Institute, a platform dedicated to the Awareness, Education, and Practice of Emotional Intelligence, and her concept of – Recognize and manage your level of “CRAZY” with EQ, is a light hearted way of advocating, let’s all become more emotionally “Self – Aware” and “Self -Managed” so we can achieve a more balanced and fulfilled life. Her concept is used in a variety of ways throughout her ventures in the personal, holistic, and business arenas. In 2019, Esther and Tom began their working relationship at FBC / AIM, and are now a powerful force creating optimal healing and transformation for their patients as life and business partners.

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