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Alla Esther Levy, EIS, REV

Alla Esther Levy, EIS, REVAlla Esther Levy, EIS, MSH, UCC is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist (Society of Emotional Intelligence 2016), Certified Life Coach (Recovery Coaching Center 2014), Minister of Spiritual Healing (Loving Touch Center 2022) and Undercover Comedian (Dania Beach Improv 2024) from time to time with more than twenty years of experience in health and wellness, intrapersonal and leadership development. She is former President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale, and founder of, a platform dedicated to the awareness, education, and practice of emotional intelligence. Her concept of recognize and manage your level of crazy with EQ is a lighthearted way of advocating, “Let’s become more emotionally self-aware and self-managed so we can achieve a more balanced and fulfilled life.” Her concept is used in a variety of ways throughout her ventures in the personal, holistic, and business arenas.

In 2019, Esther began her journey with Florida Balance Centers (FBC) and Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine (AIM), where she found not only the next phase of her career but also her life partner, Tom. Together they are a powerful force creating optimal healing and transformation for their patients who suffer with vertigo, dizziness, balance, and pain-management issues using an integrative approach of functional movement, nutrition, acupuncture, and emotional health techniques! To connect with Esther, by visiting the Mental/Emotional Health Page or her website
(954) 987-7077