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Mike P.

Florida Balance Center is the very best when it comes to acupuncture and alternative medicine. Since day one of walking into the center. The office staffing, Mrs Nelly and Briana have been awesome with working around my schedule and contacting me for my next appointment. I am local firefighter and lifeguard so my work hours are very demanding and odd.

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Tiffany T.

I do not usually write reviews but I feel that I need to share my story just in case it could help someone. I have never tried acupuncture and it was truly my last resort a couple weeks before going into exploratory surgery. Best decision of my life! I have been going through pelvic pain for about a year and

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Mata S.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I wouldn’t have much of a life if it weren’t for Florida Balance Centers. I experienced major damage to my inner ear and was experiencing vertigo, dizziness, and felt off-balance whenever I walked or did anything. Doctors basically threw up their hands… there was nothing they could do. Thankfully, one doctor gave me

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Michael F.

I’ve been going here for months. Tom is an excellent, intelligent acupuncturist who knows all kinds of specific points to alleviate whatever ailment it is you have. I have been rehabilitating my wrist from guitar playing, as well as muscular imbalances, and his work with me has proved well worth my time with wonderful results since we have started, to

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