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How Kids Can Benefit from Regular Acupuncture Treatments

How Kids Can Benefit from Regular Acupuncture Treatments

It’s becoming more and more common for parents to look for natural and effective treatment options to deal with childhood health concerns. Acupuncture is a great option for those looking to keep the whole family healthy in both mind and body. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, young or old, families can benefit greatly from regular acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture is a natural and safe therapy that takes an individualized approach to both diagnosis and treatment. A common theme you might hear is that acupuncture doesn’t just treat the symptom, it treats the person. This is especially key when dealing with children. It’s important to take the time to understand the lifestyle implications and recognize the signs of potential imbalance and then utilize traditional acupuncture diagnostic tools including checking pulse vitality or sensitivity to certain points across the body in order to develop a gentle and effective treatment that works with the child’s own energy.

Sometimes, helping a child’s imbalance may involve treatment for the parents as well. Oftentimes, a health issue with the parents impacts the child and vice versa. This is yet another reason why families have been seeking out acupuncture as a natural alternative to whole family wellness. As the parents achieve great results, that can impact the health of the child or as the child becomes well, the parents achieve greater balance as they see the positive impact on their children.

Children’s Issues

There are several health concerns that children suffer from that acupuncture can help address. Children who suffer from skin conditions such as acne and eczema can suffer from low self-esteem and endure the brunt of bullying from peers because of it. Acupuncture can help young people achieve energy balance and reduce flare ups of these conditions.

Allergies are also prevalent in young children and are usually the result of an overly sensitive immune system. Acupuncture can help moderate the body’s immune responses to address both seasonal, environmental, or dietary allergies.

Children can develop dangerous attitudes toward food as they grow older, and many children also start out as picky eaters. Both issues can lead to digestive problems or, in the worst-case scenario, eating disorders. Acupuncture can help find the imbalance to cure those upset tummies, constipation or diarrhea.

Sleep issues are another problem that children can suffer from that impacts the entire family. From establishing sleep patterns in young babies and toddlers to teenage sleep disorders, acupuncture can improve sleep by addressing the underlying issues that could be causing these disruptions. 

What the Research Says

In recent years, researchers have taken a deeper look into specifically how acupuncture can help childhood health issues. There is an analysis of recent literature that can be very helpful from the National Institutes of Health highlighting several studies.

One study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Therapies found acupuncture to be an effective alternative to treating chronic pain in pediatric patients. The study asked participants various questions regarding pain, nausea, and quality of life both before and after the acupuncture treatments. Study results showed both the parents and the children who participated indicated decreased pain and nausea, as well as increased quality of life after the treatments were finished. While researchers agree more studies need to be conducted, they noted that this is a promising indication acupuncture can be used to treat pediatric patients with successful outcomes.

If you are looking for a whole family wellness plan, give us a call. We can evaluate what is needed on an individual basis for each family member, including your children. Acupuncture is a great natural alternative without the side effects of prescription medication. 

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