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Gerri S.

I have suffered with periods of severe vertigo caused by BPPV off and on for years. Although an ENT has usually been successful in clearing this condition, in 2011, 2012 and again this year, I have been left greatly impaired. I was not able to walk my dog, walk the aisles of a grocery store, work in my garden, cook or do most of my daily activities without getting very dizzy and nauseous. I was living on medication to enable me to function at all. In 2011, I finally found Tom Patullo at Florida Balance Center through an internet search. With great patience, incredible empathy, encouragement, laughter and tears, Tom has been able to give me back my life. I have been doing vestibular rehabilitation with him for 5 months this time. I am almost back to all of my normal activities and have not taken any medication in months. As with physical therapy for an injury, vestibular rehab is not quick but it is effective if you work at it. Tom and his staff are the best people i know to work with on this journey.

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