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Tiffany T.

I do not usually write reviews but I feel that I need to share my story just in case it could help someone. I have never tried acupuncture and it was truly my last resort a couple weeks before going into exploratory surgery. Best decision of my life! I have been going through pelvic pain for about a year and a half and had multiple sonograms, MRIs and was put on birth control pills. The doctors still could not diagnose me, maybe endometriosis. The pain was debilitating 5-10 days out of the month leaving major pressure on my bladder and a dull pelvic pain that never went away. Within the same time-frame I had other stressors from a high pressure job and long commutes. I was also suffering from shot adrenal glands making panic attacks, hot flashes and facial flushing almost a daily routine. I’m 35 and no I’m not going through menopause lol Within 4 sessions everything changed. No more pelvic pain and minimal anxiety. It’s only been 3 months going twice a month. I cannot tell you enough how healing acupuncture is, but I have to say that Tom takes it to a whole other level. He figured out my ailments and my body responded so quickly to treatment. We focused on getting my stress levels back to normal and everything else fell in line. He’s kind, professional, and knowledgeable. His office is busy but he still makes you feel important. He also has great office staff. I feel very lucky I have found my healing place. Thanks Tom!!!

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