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Eileen M.

In 2001 I suffered from vertigo. My ENT sent me to Florida Balance Center, Hollywood, Fl. After 3 months of “treatments” by Tom Patullo, AP, OTR, I was back to myself again. Suddenly 17 years later vertigo kicked in again. Back to see Tom at Florida Balance Center. “Graduated” after 3 1/2 months of treatment. Tom is a very special

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Gerri S.

I have suffered with periods of severe vertigo caused by BPPV off and on for years. Although an ENT has usually been successful in clearing this condition, in 2011, 2012 and again this year, I have been left greatly impaired. I was not able to walk my dog, walk the aisles of a grocery store, work in my garden, cook

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Cindy T.

As an anxious 1st time user of Acupuncture, I have to give Kudos to Dr. Patullo for an excellent experience. He was recommended to me for a Shoulder injury that just wouldn’t heal on its own. Dr. Patullo is very nice, knowledgeable of not only Acupuncture but also Massage therapy and really made me feel comfortable. The procedure was practically

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Murray G.

Tom Patullo was referred to me by an eye, ear nose and throat doctor who informed me that he knew of no one else who could help me, and tom Patullo did just that. He is a very caring person who knows exactly what needs to be done

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